2021 eCup x HSBC 信用卡專享優惠

2021 eCup X HSBC 信用卡專享優惠⚡ | 5月落單每杯HK$8回贈☕





我哋五月又有新優惠嘞! 💫 eCup 聯同HSBC信用卡贊助用戶高達 HK$160 咖啡回贈。eCup同你一齊迎接初夏,為大家每日打打氣! ⚡


5月,只需於 eCup App使用匯豐信用卡付款買咖啡,每天可獲一次 HK$8回贈,最多20 次,即每杯咖啡折扣可高達 25% 的優惠!所有回贈將於63日前自動送到你eCup App 內作往後消費。


心動不如行動,快啲喺送禮>已收禮物輸入優惠碼「HSBC2021」登記,用 eCup App 日日買咖啡啦!


了解如何獲取每杯 HK$8優惠? >> https://ecup.hk/pages/hsbc


HSBC2021 eCup


eCup HSBC 2021

$8 Coffee Rebate Every Day | Up to 25% off your coffee


We are pleased to announce our latest coffee deal! 💫 eCup collaborates with HSBC offer up to HK$160 coffee rebate. Embrace the summer with eCup! ⚡


In May, order via eCup App and pay with your HSBC credit card.  You are entitled HKD$8 rebate per day,  throughout the campaign.


Use promo code "HSBC2021" under “Gift>Your Treat” to register, and enjoy your coffee with eCup! ☕


Learn how to obtain the offer? >> https://ecup.hk/pages/hsbc




每朝返工前,先係 eCup App 用滙豐信用卡預先購買咖啡,唔單只可以減省排隊落單輪候時間,仲可以享受回贈,快啲下載啦!