【eCup x 自由鳥:買咖啡送數據🔥】

( 5/12 更新: 活動已完滿結束,數據正在核實中,感謝支持! The promotion is ended. The data is verifying, thank you for your support! )

要搵咖啡店打卡嘆靚啡,點可以冇數據呀~係eCup app買每5杯咖啡,送你5GB自由鳥數據!買10杯送10GB!

【eCup x 自由鳥:買咖啡送數據🔥】

由 3/10 至3/12 為期兩個月,你飲幾多咖啡,送你幾多本地流動數據!

→ 立即下載eCup app買咖啡 

提提你,請確保你的電話開啟 eCup App通知!我們會每兩星期發送提示你的數據獎賞數量。
Warm reminder : Turn on your eCup App notification in mobile setting! We will tell you your collected data amount weekly.



eCup App
1. 在 ”送禮 > 已收禮物”,輸入優惠碼「BIRDIE」登記優惠。
In “Gift>Your Treat”, enter promo code “BIRDIE” to register promotion.

Birdie App
1. 下載Birdie app
2. 在「月光寶盒」頁面輸入你的優惠碼獎賞
3. 兌換成功後,可在「免費數據獎賞」提取你的數據

【eCup x 自由鳥:買咖啡送數據🔥】

*優惠受條件及細則約束 Terms and conditions apply.

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條款及細則 Terms and Conditions

推廣期由 2022 年 10 月 3 日至 12 月 3 日。
推廣期間合共的數據獎賞碼,將於 2022年 12月 6日 23:59 前傳到你的 eCup App。
數據獎賞必須於 3 個月內使用,逾期作廢。
Birdie Mobile Limited 及eCup HK保留修改此優惠條款及細則之權利而無須另行通知。

Promotion period is from 3 Oct to 3 Dec 2022.
Data reward count on the order of coffee beverages served by any eCup partnered coffee shops.
Data reward is calculated on the basis of 5GB data for every 5 cups of coffee purchased.
A lump sum of Birdie data codes earned in the entire promotion period will be send to your eCup App before 6 Dec 2022 end of the day.
Data reward can only be used in Birdie network service.
Data reward must be used within 3 months before expiry.
Birdie Mobile Limited and eCup reserve the right to change the type of gifts without prior notice.


有任何問題歡迎聯絡 support@ecup.hk,我們會全力協助你。
If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@ecup.hk.