Coffee Bean - Sensory Tasting




精選3款不同風味嘅精品咖啡豆,搭配3個不同場景,令大家隨時隨地都可以嚐好啡 (100g/包,共300g)

烘焙程度 :淺 或 中

* 此貨物將由咖啡店或烘焙店直接寄出,確保品質及咖啡的新鮮。

Product Description

Sensory Tasting

3 packs coffee bean with 3 different types, match with 3 different scenes, everyone can taste coffee anytime, anywhere (100g/pack, total 300g)

Roast Level:Light or Medium

* This product is shipped directly from the coffee shop / roaster to ensure the freshness.