Oceanrich Rechargeable Electric Grinder G1

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Oceanrich G1便攜電動磨豆機
• 可USB 充電,方便攜帶
• 可配合 Oceanrich S2 全自動模擬手沖咖啡機使用
• 咖啡豆容量:20克
• USB 充電: 3小時充電可研磨15g 咖啡豆 達 20次
• 研磨時間(15g): 1-2分鐘
• 5種咖啡豆研磨度(摩卡壺,滴濾,法壓壺,虹吸壺
• 陶瓷圓錐形磨盤
• 玻璃瓶及上蓋可組合成隨行咖啡豆儲存盒

* 貨品將於大約2-3天後送達。

* 此貨物將由咖啡店或烘焙店直接寄出,確保品質及咖啡的新鮮。

Product Description

Oceanrich Rechargeable Electric Grinder G1
• Oceanrich Portable Electric Grinder (USB Re-chargeable)
• Fit for Oceanrich S2 Auto Drip Coffee Maker
• Capacity for Coffee Beans: up to 20g
• USB Re-chargeable: 3 hours charge for 20 times of 15g coffee bean grinding
• Grinding time: 1-2mins per 15g
• 5 grind level (moka pot, hand drip, French Press, syphon)
• Conical ceramic burr
• Portable coffee storage with glass jar and upper lid

* The estimated delivery time is 2-3 days.

* This product is shipped directly from the coffee shop / roaster to ensure the freshness.