FELLOW ODE Brew Grinder

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發送由 C LAB Roastery




全球募資近 5,000 人支持,搭載專業級 64mm 直徑大刀盤、PID 智慧控速馬達、降低殘粉的金屬彈片、研磨完畢自動停止之許多強大功能,將細節藏在產品內-暨溫控手沖壺 EKG 系列後,Fellow 希望重新定義磨豆機。

**購買磨豆機即免費更換GEN2 手沖刀盤 64mm

顏色: 黑色

* 此貨物將由咖啡店或烘焙店直接寄出。


Product Description

FELLOW ODE Brew Grinder

Supported by nearly 5,000 people worldwide, with a large professional-grade 64mm diameter blade, a PID intelligent speed control motor, a metal spring to reduce powder residue, and an automatic stop after grinding, Fellow is looking to redefine the bean grinder after the EKG series of temperature-controlled hand pots.

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