CAFEC Flower Dripper (Blue / Pink / Green / Yellow / White)

發送由 Simplii Yours



• 圓錐形
• 尺寸:1- 4杯
• 材料:有田燒
• 顏色:藍色 / 粉紅色 / 綠色 / 黃色 / 白色 

CAFEC花型咖啡濾杯 透過令水從中心向外打圈來保持深層滴濾。為了防止難喝的味道進入咖啡中,需要更快更平穩的水流。經過長時間的研究,CAFEC終於達到了理想的花形!因為咖啡濾杯中沒有殘留水,所以從頂部倒出和從底部流出的水量可以保持相同,讓你可以享受最佳的咖啡風味。

* 注意:手工產品,照片與實物的顏色及形狀或有少許差異
* 兼容 ABACA圓錐形咖啡麻濾紙 & V60圓錐形咖啡麻濾紙        

* 貨品將於大約 2-3天後送達。

* 此貨物將由咖啡店或烘焙店直接寄出,確保品質及咖啡的新鮮。


Product Description

• Cone-shaped
• Size: 1- 4 cups
• Material: Arita
Measuring spoon included
• Color: Blue / Pink / Green / Yellow / White

CAFEC Flower Dripper keeps deep filtering layer by making water circulation from center to outside. To prevent unpleasant taste from going into coffee liquid, faster and smooth water flow is required. After long time study, CAFEC reached this ideal flower shape at last! Because water is not stayed in the dripper, the water volume poured from top and brought out from the bottom can be kept same. You can enjoy best flavor of coffee without unpleasant taste.

* Note: actual color and shape may be slightly different from photo as a handcrafted product
* Compatible to ABACA cone shaped filter paper & V60 filter paper

* The estimated delivery time is 2-3 days.

* This product is shipped directly from the coffee shop / roaster to ensure the freshness.