CAFEC DEEP45 Dripper

發送由 Simplii Yours


• 六角形
• 尺寸:3-7杯
• 材料:日本樹脂
• 顏色:白色

CAFEC DEEP45過濾杯形成更深過濾層,帶來更多風味
不知何故希望嘗試比Flower Dripper形成更深的過濾層!
CAFEC Deep45過濾杯正是我們從探究精神中最終得出的答案。

每個人,甚至是手沖的初學者都可以通過這款Deep Dripper輕鬆地沖泡出好咖啡的味道。這是未來手沖咖啡的新標準。

* 兼容 Deep45圓錐形咖啡麻濾紙

* 貨品將於大約 2-3天後送達。

* 此貨物將由咖啡店或烘焙店直接寄出,確保品質及咖啡的新鮮。

Product Description

• Hexagonal-shaped
• Size: 3-7 cups
• Material: AS Resin
• Color: white

Measuring spoon included

CAFEC DEEP45 Dripper beyonds the dripper Deeper, for much more flavor
Somehow want to form much deeper filtering layer than that by Flower Dripper!
CAFEC Deep45 Dripper is our answer finally reached from our spirit of inquiry.

The bottom angle of a normal cone-shaped dripper is 60°, on the other hand, that of Deep Dripper is 45°. By narrowing the bottom angle to 45°, we got the unprecedented deeper shape for the deepest filtering layer!
Everybody, even a hand-drip beginner can brew a good taste of coffee easily by this Deep Dripper. It is new standard in the future.

* Compatible to DEEP45 paper filter

* The estimated delivery time is 2-3 days.

* This product is shipped directly from the coffee shop / roaster to ensure the freshness.