CAFEC Roasting Level Paper Filter Kit

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3款CAFEC不同烘焙程度專用濾紙 (1P,適用 1-4人用圓錐形濾杯)
• 淺焙 (100張) - 密度極高,出水慢,提取咖啡最佳香氣
• 中深焙專用T-90 (100張) - 密度較低,出水穩定順暢,咖啡萃取平衡,層次感更佳;適合所有咖啡
• 深焙專用T-83 (100張) - 密度中等, 出水先快後慢,提升咖啡質感及甜度

2款 Simplii Yours 咖啡豆
• Beauty Balance (180g) - 推薦配合 Light Roast 濾紙,享受拼配豆內較淺烘焙的香氣
• Tanzania Volcano (180g) - 推薦配合 T-83 濾紙,感受拼配豆內較深烘焙的餘韻

Simplii Yours 咖啡:香港烘焙

由日本濾紙專家 CAFEC 設計,生產出世界首創,以不同厚度及密度結構,控制出水速度變化的烘焙專用濾紙,帶出不同烘焙的風味特色。




Step 1 | 沖洗濾紙

Step 2 | 準備喜歡的咖啡
研磨20克 (3茶匙)咖啡粉,約海鹽的粗幼度,加進已清洗的濾紙中並輕輕拍平咖啡粉。

Step 3 | 預浸咖啡粉
先將咖啡粉以剛好足夠的熱水 (約92-96°C)完全地浸泡,靜待30秒讓咖啡粉中的CO2排出並讓咖啡“盛開” – 咖啡粉會緩緩上升及排出氣泡。

Step 4 | 繼續注水

Step 5 | 享用咖啡
由預浸開始計到2:30至3:00分鐘,咖啡沖煮到差不多200毫升後,把濾杯移開。 最後… 好好享用你的咖啡 ^_^

* 貨品將於大約2-3天後送達。

* 此貨物將由咖啡店或烘焙店直接寄出,確保品質及咖啡的新鮮。

Product Description

CAFEC Roasting Level Paper Filter Kit

The kit includes:

3 types of CAFEC paper filter (1P, white, fit for 1-4P cone shape drippers)
• Light Roast (100pcs) – high density, slow brewing, building the best aroma
• Medium-Dark Roast T-90 (100pcs) – low density, smooth brewing, bringing a coffee with balanced flavor & complexity; suitable for all coffee
• Dark Roast T-83 (100pcs) – medium density, brewing speed is first fast then slow, finishing the coffee with body & sweetness

2 flavours of Simplii Yours Coffee:
• Coffee Bean – Beauty Balance (180g) – recommended to brew with Light Roast Paper Filter, to best enjoy the aroma from lighter roast in the blend
• Coffee Bean – Tanzania Volcano (180g) – recommended to brew with T-83 Paper Filter, for the body & after-taste from darker roast in the blend

CAFEC paper filter: Made in Japan
Simplii Yours Coffee: Roasted in Hong Kong

Designed by CAFEC Japan, the coffee paper filter expert, the world’s first coffee paper filters by roast types are created in different thickness and density, variating the brewing speed and thus the features of coffee.

Enjoy more playful experience with the exclusive Arita Flower Dripper and Simplii Yours Coffee Blend!

User Guide

Hand Drip Brew Guide

Step 1 | Rinse Filter Paper
Place and rinse the filter paper in a dripper with hot water to eliminate paper flavor and to warm up the mug or carafe you are brewing into. Discard the rinse water.

Step 2 | Measure Coffee Grounds
Grind 20 grams of coffee (3 tbsp) as fine as sea salt. Add it to the filter and gently tap it to make sure the bed is completely flat. Place the brewer on a mug or carafe.

Step 3 | Saturate the Grounds
Saturate the grounds completely with just enough hot water (about 92-96°C). Let it bloom for 30 seconds. CO2 is released and coffee “blooms” – the grounds should rise up and bubble a bit.

Step 4 | Pour Continuously
Give extra 3 pours total. Starting in the center of the grounds, pour water in a slow and steady spiral, adding water level up to the top of coffee bloom and wait. When the pour drops to the bottom of the filter, coming close to the level of the grounds, add another pour. The spiral motion helps give you an even extraction and keeps everything integrated.

Step 5 | Serve & Enjoy
Your brew volume should reach approximately 200ml once you hit 2:30 to 3:00. Remove the brewer from the mug or carafe and pour the coffee into a warm mug. Enjoy!

* The estimated delivery time is 2-3 days.

* This product is shipped directly from the coffee shop / roaster to ensure the freshness.