UCR Coffee Drip Bag Series - WEEKLY PACK (7pcs)





7x 掛耳包

UCR咖啡掛耳包系列是專門為咖啡愛好者和旅行人士度身定制,即使沒有咖啡沖煮工具也可以在任何地方享用美味的咖啡。 我們根據咖啡的季節性,為你帶來最新鮮美味的咖啡。

* 此貨物將由咖啡店或烘焙店直接寄出,確保品質及咖啡的新鮮。


Product Description

Coffee Drip Bag Series

7x drip bags in a pack including

UCR coffee drip bag series is tailor-made for coffee lovers and travelers to enjoy tasty coffee everywhere even without coffee brewing tools. We bring you the seasonality of coffee in terms of the coffee beans we choose to roast. Inside each pack, at least 2 different coffee are randomly selected.

* This product is shipped directly from the coffee shop / roaster to ensure the freshness.